Future Faculty Program

Future Faculty Program2023-02-20T15:46:08+00:00

The Future Faculty Certification Program is an initiative by the Centre to prepare graduate students and post-docs for an academic career. The certification Program will cover the following aspects of teaching-learning.

  • Faculty roles and responsibilities
  • Course design, Course evaluation and Course delivery; Constructive alignment
  • How People learn and how learning works? (Basics of Cognitive Theories and Learning Sciences)
  • Innovative teaching-learning practices to improve students’ engagement; teaching with technology
  • Academic integrity, ethical practices, mentoring students
  • Academic career development

One of the main objectives of this certification program is to train the future educators in taking up the role of a facilitator to create student-centered learning environment and assist students in taking ownership of their own learning. Overall, the Program will help future faculty to see the breadth of opportunities in the academics and will train them in acquiring skills required for their future academic career.You may visit  here for recordings of the workshops organized in the past.