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Peer Instruction: Peer instruction is an evidence-based, interactive teaching method popularized by Harvard Professor Eric Mazur in the early 1990s. Here is the video by Prof. Mazur. It shows how he blends Peer Instruction as an Active Learning Strategy with Live demonstration for Physics class.

Prof. Mazur about Peer Instruction:-

History of Peer Instruction : Dr. Bennett Goldberg introduces Dr. Eric Mazur from Harvard University who tells the story of how peer instruction came to be.

Eric Mazur’s AP50 Class : This video is an example of how peer instruction works in Dr. Eric Mazur’s AP50 classroom.

Practicalities of Implementation:  Dr. Eric Mazur discusses the practicalities of implementing peer instruction in your classroom.  He provides examples of effective and ineffective practices when implementing peer instruction.

Motivating Students:  Dr. Eric Mazur provides an explanation of why motivating students to learn is important in peer instruction and provides several examples of how you can do this effectively.

How Questioning Works:. Eric Mazur explains why asking questions of your students during a lecture is important in a peer instruction based classroom.  He also gives examples of how he asks these questions in his classrooms.

The Best Kinds of Questions:  Dr. Eric Mazur outlines what the most effective and engaging questions professors can ask students while instructing students in a peer instruction based classroom.