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Right from its inception, IIT Bombay has been recognized for the quality of its teaching and the consequent quality of graduating students. The challenging research-based academics, research collaborations and a host of vibrant activities have enabled IITB graduates to successfully pursue diverse careers around the world and have made the Institute proud.

The rapid transition of the world from industrial economy to knowledge economy is profoundly changing the education and skill requirements. Research on learning and teaching has contributed to the development of new approaches for fulfilling these changing requirements of academics. This calls for the teaching paradigms to be continuously reviewed. On this backdrop, Parimal and Pramod Chaudhari Centre for Learning and Teaching (PPCCLT) at IIT Bombay aims to offer services that will foster innovative, collaborative and evidence-based effective teaching-learning practices for effective learning. The Centre has been initiated from the generous donation received from Mr. Pramod Chaudhari, a ‘Distinguished Alumnus’ of IIT Bombay.

The Centre offers a variety of programs to faculty and students of IIT Bombay to transform their teaching-learning experience. The breadth of the pedagogy workshops and training programs help faculty in developing their teaching practices. Additionally, through certification programs and seminar series, the Centre also nurtures doctoral students, teaching assistants towards becoming successful future educators. As a part of its outreach activity, the Centre offers training and development programs for faculty from engineering institutes across country.