Teaching Assistants Skill Enhancement & Training (TASET)

Teaching Assistants Skill Enhancement & Training (TASET)2022-11-22T11:04:59+00:00

The Centre has initiated Teaching Assistants Skill Enhancement & Training (TASET) program for Teaching Assistants (TAs). This program is conducted in the beginning of each academic term. The program aims to help TAs in defining their roles/ responsibilities and to provide guidelines for successfully executing the TAship. Apart from creating awareness about the best practices to be followed as a part of TAship, the program aims to equip TAs to handle the common challenges that they may face as a part of their job. Right from helping TAs in understanding their roles in the academic environment and benefits of being TAs, in the future TASET program also aims at helping TAs in developing essential academic and professional skills required for their future career.

As of September 2022, all PG students who joined in July 2022 have already been registered for the TA 101 course. This course has two components – a common Institute-wide Moodle component (Part A) and a departmental component (Part B).

Part A will be administered entirely online, as the TA101 course on Moodle. Students will need to watch the videos, complete the activities and pass the quizzes by the end of September.

Part B will be administered as an orientation program by Masters TAs in the department during the second half of the semester.

Please contact office.ppcclt@iitb.ac.in for any clarification.