Induction Workshop

Induction Workshop2018-12-20T06:48:42+00:00

The induction workshop was conducted in four batches. The participants in all these batches were freshly joined faculty members recruited by NPIU, through a nationwide selection, from the best institutes in the country. The consolidated number of participants from all the batches was 153. The participants were from the institutes viz. NCE Nalanda, CTAE Udaipur, GEC Bharatpur, PMEC Berhampur, GEC Ajmer, TIT Agartala and GMEC Ajmer respectively. The focus of this workshop was mainly towards Pedagogy, Research and TEQIP respectively. The lectures on pedagogy were delivered by different faculty spread over many disciplines viz. Inter-Disciplinary Programme in Education Technology (IDP-ET), Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, Environmental Science and Management respectively. The lectures delivered as part of this workshop are listed as below. The video of the said lecture can be seen by clicking on the ‘lecture’ suffixed at the end of the title.

  • Learning Objectives and Assessment (Lecture 1, Lecture 2)
  • The Scientific Method (Lecture 1, Lecture 2)
  • Need finding, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lecture)
  • Virtual Labs (Lecture)
  • Creative Thinking and Research (Lecture)
  • Technical Writing (Lecture 1, Lecture 2)
  • Soft skills for industry readiness (Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture3, Lecture 4, Lecture5)
  • Proposal Writing (Lecture)
  • Active Learning – why & what (Lecture)
  • Peer-Instruction and Think-Pair Share strategies (Lecture 1, Lecture 2)
  • TEQIP III Program (Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture3, Lecture 4)
  • Equity – Matching the learner’s pace (Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture3, Lecture 4)
  • Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (Lecture)
  • Promoting metacognition (Lecture 1, Lecture 2)
  • Advanced learning tools (Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture3, Lecture 4)
  • Human values and being a mentor (Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture3, Lecture 4)
  • Patents and Intellectual Property Rights (Lecture)
  • You and Your Research by R. Hamming (Lecture)
  • Reading and Literature Review (Lecture)