Past Events: In-house

Past Events: In-house2024-04-26T16:36:01+00:00


  • A talk on “Project-Based Learning” by Prof. Sridhar Iyer on Tuesday March 5th, 2024 (Video Recording)
  • Round- Table discussion on From good to great: How do teaching award recipients utilize instructional strategies to nurture student learning?” by recipients of  ” Prof. S.P. Sukhatme Excellence in Teaching Award  2023″ on January 30th, 2024 (Video Recording) and February 6th, 2024 (Video Recording)


  • Workshop onEffective Teaching in Diverse Settingson 25th – 26th July, 2023 (Video Recordings)
  • ⇒25th July
    • Session 1 ‘Triangle of effective learning’ by Prof. Sridhar Iyer
    • Session 2 ‘Data analysis based classes’ by Prof. Gururajan & Dayadeep Monder
    • Session 3 ‘Effective use of moodle’ by Prof. P. Sunthar
  • ⇒26th July
    • Session 1 ‘Engaging learners in large classes’ by Prof. Nandita Madhavan
    • Sesssion 2 ‘Project based courses’ by Prof. Avinash bhardwaj
  • Panel Discussion on “How to Prepare for Faculty Interviews?” by Prof. Roop Mallik, Prof. Swathy Manohar, Prof. Prajish Prasad on Feb 3, 2023(Video Recording).


  • Orientation Program for IITB Faculty on the Use of Collaborative Learning and Research Laboratory(CLRL) on 14th December, 2022(Video Recording).
  • Panel discussion on “Is blended learning the future of education? How can teachers continue to use the best practices of both worlds – physical and digital?” by recipients of  “Prof. S.P Sukhatme Excellence in Teaching Award 2022”on November 1st, 2022 (Video Recording) and November 3rd, 2022 (Video Recording).
  • Workshop on “Team-Based Learning (TBL) 101” by Dr. Briju Thankachan, on October 13th, 2022(Video Recording).
  • Skill Enhancement Training on “TA Duties and Ethics” conducted for more than 50 Master TAs, open to all departments of the Institute, on October 4th, 2022 (Video Recording).


  • Panel discussion on “Exploring New F2F Teaching Paradigms: Conflating the Physical and the Digital” by recipients of “Prof. S.P. Sukhatme Excellence in Teaching Award 2021” on September 29th, 2021 (Video Recording) and October 6th, 2021. (Video Recording)
  • Workshop on “Student-Centred Teaching and Learning”  on July-August, 2021.
  1. ⇒24th July
  1. ⇒14th August



    • A talk on “Flipped Classroom Method” by Prof. Kannan Moudgalya, as a part of Sharing Effective Teaching Practices” series talks on Thurs day January 23rd, 2019. (Video Recording)
    • A talk on Smart Classrooms: Technology-Aids for Effective Teaching and Learning” by Prof. Bhaskaran Raman, as a part of Sharing Effective Teaching Practices” series talks on Wednesday January 30th, 2019.(Video Recording)
    • Panel discussion on “Is there a need for a paradigm shift in Engineering Education?” by  recipients of “Prof. S.P. Sukhatme Excellence in Teaching Award 2019” on September 19th, 2019 (Video Recording) and September 25th, 2019.(Video Recording)